Monday, 17 October 2011

Lets get started.

So, 'blogging' has been something I've been meaning to do for a while. It isn't out of guilt that I have eventually begun but more out of the realisation that I should, and will, do everything I can to get my career in journalism off the ground.

I graduated Northumbria Uni with a 2-1 degree with honors in Journalism in July. I had a thoroughly incredible 3 years in Newcastle and it will, I'm sure, always be looked back on as some of the best years of my life. In a way I hope not, but that's because I have an ambition that if fulfilled, will see me travelling the World, going to the best sporting events and living a dream in the fast paced World of the media. Fingers crossed.

As well as a natural enthusiasm towards sport, I have a rich love for travel or more specifically adventure and exploration. When I was 18 I went to Eastern Africa for 5 months to live in Uganda as a secondary school teacher and travel the remainder of the region. Since then I have been on trips to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, to parts of Borneo, the middle east and short holidays to Europe and India.

Having a backpack with everything you need on your back, for me, is exhilarating. Discovering new cultures, living in lands that depict little similarities to that of the one I have been bought up in and learning to adapt, engage and love these places is an absolute pleasure. I will never stop travelling.

What am I going to blog about? I want to try and have opinions on stories hitting the headlines in the World of sport. Sometimes offering up both sides of an argument but always concluding with an honest conclusion. It won't just be sport though, as I say I have a love for travel and will look out for things within this genre to bring up now and again. Also, above all else, I want to write about my path into journalism. Fingers crossed there will be a path for me to follow and I want to be able to document the excitements, disappointments, opportunities and experiences that will evolve from the effort I will put in.

This just about concludes the first slice of my blog - Is that the way the cookie crumbles? I've given a brief rundown of my interests, intentions and ambitions and hopefully you will be interested an entertained by what I have to say.

Speak to you soon. CTR.

p.s. below are some links to articles I wrote whilst away this summer in The Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. Enjoy the read :-)

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