Sunday, 23 October 2011

An Update: A way in to journalism.

I've decided to do an ongoing report on how I am attempting to crack my way into the world of journalism, as well as writing about prominent stories that grab my interest.

This last week has been a busy one thankfully. I'm currently in London on a work placement at the Independent on their sports desk. Great fun! I spent the week in the office, learning, listening, researching and writing. As the week went on I was given more responsibilities and creative tasks to get my teeth into. I'm working on a piece about the possible success and failures of the upcoming Indian grand prix for sports editor Matt Gatward. Really good to pitch an idea to someone and they give you a positive response and let you throw your all into it. Hopefully when we meet on Tuesday he will give the green light for my article, in some form, to make it to print.

The people in the office are friendly, encouraging and helpful and I feel like I'm learning a lot. This coming week will hopefully have football games and press conferences that need attending :-)

Obviously their is a big emphasis on who you know in a profession like journalism. By fluke, I met Neil Darbyshire, the news editor at the Daily Mail, the week before I came to London. Meeting with him was fantastic. What a nice, genuine guy that gave up his time to chat about opportunities and perseverance. I think it is when you meet people like this it reminds you that everyone began the hard way in journalism.

Whilst in London I have rekindled a link I have with AFC Wimbledon doing match reports for them. Luckily I have managed to do two in a week for them, they are great experience and really good fun. During the second one, at home to Crawley Town, I introduced myself to Mark Clemmit, a reporter.presenter from the BBC Football League Show. Again, what a nice guy and once we realised we are both big Middlesbrough fans, the connection was made. Managing to trade numbers with someone as experienced and connected as Mark is a really good opportunity. He was very positive about helping me wherever he can and that is such a boost.

Time to go to bed, back at the Indy on Monday for another exciting week, should be mayhem with the fall out of the Manchester derby to contend with. Can't wait.... :-)


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